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#LittleByLittle – a post for Stress Awareness Month

24th April 2024

A blog article by George Bentham, Head of Employee Benefits at COHIBL

As we draw to the end of Stress Awareness Month, we have taken some time to reflect on the daily challenges that impact the UK workforce.

Remote working and better technology have helped make the world more connected, but it also creates a world where people have a ceaseless demand for the time and mental attention at both home and work. This makes it easier for stress to start encroaching upon peoples’ daily lives without them realising it.  This can be anything from the pressures created by social media and lifestyle expectations to the ability to just ‘log on’ and do an extra little bit of work after hours.

This just emphasises the importance of stress awareness month, where its focus is to act as a beacon to the significance of stress management for both peoples’ mental and physical health.

Stress can bring a positive impact encouraging people to meet deadlines or increase performance, but it can also bring a negative impact. If we accept that it is a part of a modern existence, then we can start to assess steps that can be taken to combat it.

So, what are some ways stress can be managed?

For some people they may find sitting down and reading a book a great form of escapism. Others may prefer meditation, Yoga or a chilly dip into an ice bath (the Wim Hof method). These are some activities you can take as an individual, but as an employer, how can you help and engage your team to get support?

We need to appreciate that culture is one of the hardest things to impact in relation to wellbeing.  Not only are you trying to facilitate change management which has a natural resistance, but you are also trying to gauge your employees’ responses to things, and everyone will be different!  This year, the Stress Management Society champions the theme #LittleByLittle, advocating the ethos that consistent, incremental, positive actions can yield substantial enhancements in our overall wellbeing. This is a great way for you to look at what little changes you can make as an employer to have an impact.


At Caunce O’Hara we have a variety of strategies we use to have a little by little impact. As an example, we know that the implementation of flexible working can mean that our team are out and about, using the office as a hub. This means that they might not get the same opportunities to bond and talk as frequently as in the past when everyone worked in one place. We have an initiative we call our ‘collaboration day’, where one day a month we get everyone in the same place. This can help by decreasing isolation and building a community.  It also has benefits for the company as we see an increase in synergy and idea exchanges.

Office Set Up

We have taken a considered approach to our new office set up, including a breakout area with pool table to encourage leisure and relaxation during breaks.  On a Friday evening, for those that are inclined, we have a bar set up to promote a social outlet that might otherwise be unaffordable in the current financial climate.  We have also ensured that there is a well-stocked fruit bowl to sit alongside our biscuit club, to encourage healthy choices.

Team Building

We pride ourselves on the dynamic within our team, which is encouraged through our quarterly team building events and our staff trips away, rewarding hard work and encouraging team cohesion.

A Variety of Employee Benefits

Along with the usual employee benefits of pension and group life assurance, we also offer access to resources such as WeCare, Toothfairy and Skin Vision, which help staff to avoid lengthy wait times for access to a GP or dentist.  We also ensure that we have a number of Mental Health First Aiders, to equip staff with skills and allows a safety net to catch people who may need it.  There is also the option for our staff to access annual pension education, investing in their financial literacy and security, and helps to build peace of mind.

By providing a pick and mix selection of benefits, it allows our team to use the benefits that are most needed, without forcing anything on our people.

We recognise that our people are the lifeblood of our organisation.  Our approach to supporting our staff encompasses a holistic perspective, addressing their mental, physical, social and financial dimensions of wellbeing, which is something we are very proud of.

If you are interested in building an employee benefits package for your own business and would like our support

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