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Cyber attacks are now one of the leading concerns of UK business owners. Attacks of this nature are not only becoming increasingly common, but also much more severe and completely debilitating to the victim. Attacks now result in enormous costs incurred due to lost data and massive disruption to the company operations leading to losses in profits.  

Comprehensive Cyber Liability insurance should be viewed as being critical to your commercial programme. It’s vital that business owners understand just how damaging these attacks can be, regardless of what industry they operate in.  

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COHIBL have been at the forefront of advising our clients on Cyber risk for many years now and moved into specialising in this space long before our competitors.

The scope of Cyber Liability cover is vast and can include cover for Ransomware, Data Breach & Notification costs, IT Forensics, PR and Legal costs. Our expert team can guide you through the process of selecting cover which is designed to respond to the incidents that concern you most.  

Alongside that, we’re able to talk around those core fears and use our experience to explain how far reaching and varied these attacks can be, making sure you can rest easy knowing your business is protected.  

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Once again, Risk Management and mitigation of loss here is critical. We work with specialist partners who can ethically test the strength of your systems and cyber security, keeping you one step ahead of the hackers.  

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