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Monitoring Benefits

At COHIBL, we understand the importance of monitoring employee benefits to ensure they are meeting the needs of both the employer and employees.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive monitoring service that tracks the effectiveness of your employee benefits program.

One of the ways we can do this is through employee satisfaction surveys. By surveying your employees, we can gather valuable feedback on their experience with the benefits program and identify areas for improvement. This can include things like the level of coverage offered, the ease of accessing benefits, and the overall communication and education provided to employees about their benefits. We also look at the usage statistics available from providers and use our years of experience to enterprise this into an easy to understand and action format for you.

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High staff turnover can be a sign that employees are not satisfied with their benefits or other aspects of their employment.

By tracking this metric, we can identify any trends and make recommendations to improve employee retention.

Other ways we monitor employee benefits impact include analysing claims data to identify any patterns or areas of high usage, tracking employee engagement with benefits communication and education materials, and conducting regular check-ins with employers to ensure their needs are being met.

Our service ensures that your employee benefits program is not only meeting the needs of your employees but is also providing value to your organisation as a whole.

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