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When purchasing their commercial insurance programme, the last thing any of our clients want to is to make a claim. Unfortunately however, this is often a case of when, not if, and it’s at this time when the true value of your policy and broker are realised.  

COHIBL have one of the most experienced claims teams in the industry. We’ve been fighting our client’s corners for over 25 years and our ability in this key area has been proven time and time again. Over the years, we’ve seen many brokers ‘go missing’ when a claim gets submitted, avoiding calls, delaying responses and generally just acting as a post box, passing information from one party to another.  

We care.

We know how to get the very best results for our clients and once again, our ethos of ‘we care’ is demonstrated in the way we handle the claims process. From the point of notification, our expert team will provide you with in-depth advice on how to achieve the very best result from the insurance company. Throughout the process we ensure that our clients are fully aware of developments and how the process is moving forward. You won’t be left in the dark.  

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The Claims department are very much part of the overall servicing team at COHIBL and, throughout the year, our service plans provide you with updates on claims performance across your entire commercial programme. We also pride ourselves in advising on how to try and prevent claims in the first place, along with claims defensibility should the worst happen.  

If you’ve been let down by a broker when you needed them most, COHIBL are here to ensure that never happens again. We’re by your side every step of the way. 

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