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Additional Covers 

Personal Accident

Personal Accident insurance can help protect your business by offering financial support in the event you or a team member has an injury that affects their ability to work. 

Policy cover can be extended to include: 

  • death benefit 
  • loss of limb or eye 
  • disability due to sickness or injury 
  • hijack or kidnap 
  • loss or damage of essential travel documents 
  • enforced cancellation of an insured journey 
  • delay due to industrial action, adverse weather or breakdown 
  • loss, theft or damage to an insured’s baggage 
  • loss of money during an insured journey 
  • loss or theft of credit cards during an insured journey 
  • medical repatriation and emergency travel expenses 

We can arrange personal accident and sickness cover for commercial businesses of all sizes. 

Our policies can be tailored to include sickness and/or travel cover, depending on your company requirements. 

Marine Cargo

Whether you’re moving goods or products within the UK, importing or exporting from overseas, Marine Cargo cover will insure property while in transit against loss or damage arising from the perils of sea, air and land transportation, including inland waterways. There can also be cover whilst goods are held in temporary storage.  

If you arrange the movement of any products or goods, it’s likely that you will need a form of Marine cover to protect you against loss. Our expert team can make sure you hold robust protection in the form of: 

  • Marine Cargo Insurance 
  • Goods in Transit (Domestic) Insurance 
  • Stock Throughput Insurance 
  • Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance 
  • Marine Consequential Liability Insurance 

Legal Expenses

Legal costs are often a necessary expense when running a business, but there are insurance products available that will not only cover these, but also provide you with access to a network of legal specialists who will be able to assist. 

Legal Expenses insurance can be broad, but can typically assist for employment claims, commercial disputes including debt recovery, property and landlord disputes, tax matters, and regulatory compliance.  

With the cover offered by legal expenses providers being varied, it’s important that you partner with COHIBL who will take the time to understand the risks associated with your business and recommend a product that meets your needs.  

Commercial Crime

Commercial Crime is on the rise and our increasing reliance on technology provides more opportunities for commercial crime to be perpetrated and go undetected for longer. 

Traditional high risk, low reward crimes such as robberies and thefts, which are generally insured under a commercial combined policy, are being replaced by lower risk, higher reward crimes which exploit the same technologies that we rely on day-to-day. 

Most of our lives are driven by technology which means we are more vulnerable than ever to leaving the door open to criminal activity. 

Some of the examples of claims from the last 12 months that wouldn’t be covered by any other policy include: 

Invoice Fraud – A letter posted to the insured party purporting to be from a supplier advising of a change of bank details – credible as it was on the same letterheaded paper as a genuine supplier of the insured party. 

Banking Fraud – An insured party receives a phone call from their bank. The caller is able to recite recent transactions for the account which reassures the insured that the call is genuine. Over the course of the conversation the insured party discloses information that allows the caller access to their account and transfer of funds away. 

It is important to note that a Cyber Insurance policy will not cover you for all commercial crime so it is important to take out Crime Insurance as well. 


Terrorism cover is needed to protect your business from losses incurred following an incident of Terrorism.  

Acts of Terrorism are commonly excluded as standard from traditional insurance covers so, if you need it, a bespoke policy will be required.  

It’s common for lenders on Commercial Property to require this cover so, if either they do, or you do, COHIBL can help. 

Excess of Loss

On occasion, businesses require cover above and beyond that typically available from a single insurer.  

In order to provide protection from major incidents, excess of loss policies can provide additional cover in excess of the cover offered by your main (or primary) insurer.  

COHIBL not only place excess of loss cover, but are able to provide you with advices on what limits are typically available in the market as well as whether a single carrier is available elsewhere, or markets with an appetite to provide excess of loss cover for your sector.   

Environment Liability

Environment liability insurance covers the cost of restoring damage caused by environmental accidents, such as pollution of land, water, air, and biodiversity damage. 

As a business, you may face various scenarios where your activities may cause environmental damage. Some examples of these are: 

  • Your property’s current land use or the historical use of the site
  • A malfunction of holding tanks on your property e.g. an oil tank
  • A product your business is transporting e.g. pesticides 

Environment liability insurance covers the cost of repairing environmental damage arising from both common law claims, and claims arising from UK and EU legislation. 

COHIBL are able to provide you with advices on what limits are typically available in the market and the cover benefits available to your business. 

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