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Business Interruption 

Business Interruption

When your business suffers an insurable loss, one of the biggest threats to its ultimate survival is the loss of income due to downtime.  

Business Interruption insurance is designed to support your company during that time, meaning you have the best possible chance of coming out of the other side in the same position prior to the loss. As the key ‘lifeline’ for your company, it’s vital that you receive our expert advice around the type of cover and the setting of limits.   

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We understand that Business Interruption can arise out of not just ‘traditional’ circumstances such as a fire, but also from the loss of utilities, the denial of access to your premises, or even a loss experienced by one of your key suppliers or customers.  

We often find that many businesses COHIBL have taken on as clients over the years have had substantial underinsurance in relation to their Business Interruption cover, posing a huge risk to a claim payment being adequate. Don’t be one of those companies, let us ensure you’re correctly protected.  

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