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Due Diligence 

At COHIBL, we’re specialists in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Over the years we’ve helped many of our clients and professional connections navigate through such transactions.

These processes are complex, with often a strong degree of risk being taken by any of the parties involved, so you need to be sure that the correct advice is received.

During our Insurance Due Diligence exercise we will confidentially provide professional advice on the existing insurance arrangements of your target business. We will identify any risks posed to the business and outline if their current insurance programme sufficiently protects against these risks. If we have concerns with the existing programme in place, we will make recommendations on how to mitigate any failings in the insurance programme, and action these for you, should we become your appointed broker.

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This is not just a paper exercise of checking a few documents, the in-depth review starts at the very beginning, as if a portfolio of insurance products is being built from scratch. Analysing the current arrangements, we will help to identify what is right, what isn’t and also, provide robust advice around the risks which emanate from the Mergers & Acquisitions process in the build-up to completion and post-acquisition.  

Coupled with this, we will provide solutions to fix any potential issues or gaps in a timely and cost-effective fashion.  

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