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Financial Education

Education is an essential component of a successful employee benefits program.

Educating your team can help them to understand what you provide as their employer. Successful education and communication programmes can improve the value your team receive from their benefits. For example, many employees view pensions as a tax or an obligation, but with the right communication, they can come to see the benefits of investing in their future. When your team has an understanding through financial education about how your employee benefits support them, it can help improve their mental health and overall well-being, as they feel more in control and have a clearer picture of their future.

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Financial education can also help employees as they are able to make decisions around how to manage debt, build emergency funds, and invest in their personal and professional development.

All of these factors can contribute to your teams overall financial stability and success, as well as their ability to contribute positively to the workplace.

At COHIBL, we recognise the importance of financial education in the workplace. That’s why we offer a range of educational resources and support to help employees. We find that talking to employees in a relatable, easy to understand way helps them to understand their future needs and empowers them to make their own informed decisions.

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Why financial education over financial advice?

We understand the concerns companies may have with external companies trying to sell into their workforce. With us not being an ‘Independent Financial Advisor’, the COHIBL belief is that by empowering employees with education, they can make informed decisions on their own. We are proud to support employees in this area and should they require financial advice rather than the education we provide, then we would let them know how to find a financial advisory organisation.

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