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Under the Umbrella

Umbrella & Payroll Insurance

With margins under pressure, umbrella companies should be considering the bottom line and with annual insurance spend one of the major expenses it’s prudent to approach the market, especially if worker numbers have increased or claims have been an issue.

We’ve insured umbrella companies since 1999 and are renowned in the market as commercial, pragmatic and service conscious.

We are FCSA members and remain an independent broker with expertise in the contractor, umbrella, CIS and recruitment sectors.

If you’ve yet to speak with us about your own requirements we’d be delighted to assist – that can be pre-renewal or mid-term – our advice is confidential and at no cost to you.

We currently insure a vast number of Umbrella’s in the UK – we would welcome you to join that growing number.

For more information you can contact Mark Lloyd, Umbrella Account Executive on 0161 833 6946

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