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Safety and Healthy Working Too

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Since 1974 and the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act there has been a continuing drive to promote safety at work and until relatively recently ‘health’ has been relegated to second place.

The health risks are often perceived as being less tangible but the risks are still there.

Health surveillance along with risk assessment is a key regulation of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Safety orientated risk assessments are only compliant therefore with a part of these regulations. Compliance with statutory legislation is one thing but ensuring a healthy and cared for establishment is very important to any business in terms of maintaining motivation, retention of valued employees and reducing wastage as a result of sick leave and lost productivity.

The HSE are actively promoting healthy working and insurance claims departments are only too aware of increasing claims of ill health in the work place.

Forward thinking businesses can only thrive if they place healthy working on the same level as safe working and taking steps in the area of stress management and improvements in workplace environment can only be a good thing in ensuring the health and well-being of their employees.

Caunce O’Hara’s Risk Manager, Steve Haines was fortunate to meet with the team at Ergomonkey who are specialists in the ergonomics and anthropometrics field. They are passionate about creating modern work spaces that are easy to use and also importantly reduce health risks. They are confident that they will future proof work place environments and protect employees from the problems of sedentary office working in particular.

Keen advocates of modern healthy working

The following link to ergomonkey’s site is a fascinating read and they are keen advocates of this new and fresh approach to modern healthy working. Ergomonkey are interesting ‘monkeys’ to talk to so in the event you require a work place assessment or a consultation on healthy work place planning and design ergomonkey should be first to be consulted. Their ideas certainly bend ergonomic thinking like bananas. Theirs are invaluable ideas, because it is an unhealthy jungle out there without sound specialist advice.

The following video cleverly highlights the issues that should concern everyone.

To find out more about how to sit right and stay healthy whilst sitting at work, or to book a DSE Workplace Assessment please contact ergomonkey direct on 0845 5435643 or visit

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