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Legal Expenses Insurance and Contract Review

Caunce O’Hara’s Legal Expenses Insurance provides you with £100,000 of cover (in any one claim) for legal representation costs in the event of an investigation brought against you.

The cover provided is delivered via two tier system. Tier 1 is the core cover that the policy provides. Tier 2 is the extra covers that are available to you. Please see the simple infographic below showing each tier.

Tax Enquiry and Legal Expenses Insurance

The comprehensive legal expenses policy covers:

Employment disputes

  • ACAS early conciliation
  • Employment tribunals response
  • Pre-hearing review/Employment status disputes
  • Employment tribunal hearing
  • County or High Court proceedings

Employment compensation awards

  • Awards of compensation
  • Settlement of a dispute
  • Tribunal fees

Property, landlord and tenant disputes

  • Property disputes
  • Disputes with your landlord
  • Disputes with your tenant
  • Eviction

Criminal defence

  • Interview under caution
  • Prosecution defence
  • Motor offences

Tax protection

  • Aspect enquiry
  • Full enquiry
  • National Insurance and PAYE disputes
  • Current tax year enquiry
  • VAT disputes

Regulatory compliance

  • Enforcement notice
  • Statutory licence appeals
  • Data protection defence
  • Data protection compensation

Court attendance costs

  • Jury service
  • Witness attendance allowance

Employment extra protection

  • Pension trustee defence
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Personal injury
  • Discrimination defence

Identity theft

  • Unauthorised use of your personal data
  • Contracts entered into by a third party, in your name or on your behalf, without your permission

Contract disputes

  • Contracts for goods and services
  • Contracts for construction and repairs


Some of these issues can leave you with significant costs to pay if you are not insured.

2 tier legal expenses insurance

Add a comprehensive contract review for only £60.00

If you are in any doubt as to the validity of your contract, especially in light of IR35 legislation, a contract review can help. It will provide you a clear explanation of your status in the eyes of the HMRC.

Why do I need a contract review?

With HMRC focusing on private sector contractors this financial year it is essential that you ensure your contract fits within IR35 legislation.

A contract review will check that clauses in your contract are compliant and that your working practices follow terms and conditions in your contract.

The contract review, when concluded by tax experts, will give you an IR35 “pass” or “fail”.

You will receive a report which considers both the contractual terms and working practices based on case law and an unbiased, independent opinion which could save you thousands of pounds if HMRC do start an enquiry.

The complete solution

The Legal Expenses Insurance policy provides you with access to free helplines, including; a legal risk advice line, a tax advice line and a law hub which includes live chat and qualified help.

Contact us today on 0161 833 2100 for a quote. 

Keeping your business covered

Our flexible policies let you choose the right level of cover for your business. And if you’re not sure, just give our knowledgeable insurance experts a call and we’ll help you choose. Our cover includes:

Business Insurance Products

In addition to PI insurance, you can further protect your business with our business combined insurance. This package offers great value, with complete coverage for your business in one simple bundle, including:

Public liability insurance for £1 million, with the option to increase to £5m, if you have to visit client premises or they visit yours.
Employers’ liability insurance for £10 million, covering you for claims from employees for injury or illness during their employment.
Office contents insurance up to £5,000 to protect your office contents, computer equipment and furniture against accidental damage and theft, with optional insurance for portable equipment.
Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance from £250,000 if you’re held personally responsible in claims against your business by creditors, employees, customers or regulatory bodies like HMRC.

Call 0161 833 2100 today for details.

Legally required for your business, we provide £10 million cover if you have to pay compensation or legal fees because your staff get ill or injured at work. Call 0161 833 2100 today for details.

24 hour a day protection (not just while you’re at work) against personal accidents or sickness, to make sure you can keep paying the bills. Cover from £50,000 for just £35 a month. Call 0161 833 2100 today for details.

Up to £2m cover for legal fees and damages if one of your employees causes injury or damage to your customers or their business. Call 0161 833 2100 today for details.

Protects your business against the costs of legal action taken against you, including contract disputes, debt recovery, tax, VAT and HMRC investigations. £100,000 cover for only £75 a year! Call 0161 833 2100 today for details.

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