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Is that Black Friday deal too good to be true?

Black Friday Deal

In this day and age, we aren’t sure what people are more excited about, is it Christmas or Black Friday? The phenomenon that aggressively hit the UK in 2010 has grown in strength every single year.

With deals hitting the shelves and our screens up to 4 days early this year, Black Friday now seems to encompass everything from clothing and furniture to makeup. But, the main bargains of interest are for the lovers of gadgets and tech products, as this seems to be where the serious bargains can be found.

Technology advances every day, you can guarantee that the purchases you made last year will more than likely already be outdated today. So, when a bargain comes around on a new fitness tracker, a 45” LED TV and the new apple smart watch, who are we to say no to 30% – 50% discounts.

Whilst annoying for the super organised who completed their Christmas shopping in early November, those who choose to risk it for a Black Friday deal can do all of their festive shopping in one day, from the comfort of their sofas.

Sounds great right? Before you leave us and head off to sign up for your Amazon Black Friday alerts it’s worth considering, there could be some risks involved. We all know the saying ‘if a bargain seems too good to be true, it usually is’ but can we tell the difference on a day like Black Friday?

This year, there have been numerous advertising campaigns on popular social media platforms that offer tech and jewellery at simply unbelievable prices…unbelievable even by Black Friday standards. It has come to light that many of these are scams and you may never receive the product or that when it does arrive, it won’t be as expected. The difficulty here is that they are being advertised on platforms that we all use every day and therefore perceive to be reliable and trustworthy. So, what can we do?

Simply, we all need to try to view any online transaction as we would on a normal day. Be careful about what link you click on to view ‘the best deal you’ve ever seen’ as often they can contain malware or ransomware.

Personal cyber-attacks are now more popular than ever, with individual computers being hacked just as often as company networks due to a higher chance of individuals paying cyber criminals to get their data back. This is due to the cherished items we have stored, like the thousands of pictures of our families and personal financial information.

Before going on any online spending spree, stop and think when you last updated your anti-virus, or when you last backed up your data. These two things could save you a lot of stress should the worst happen and your machine is exposed to a virus.

Always view these deals on an individual basis – is it too good for even Black Friday? Is it asking you to click on a link taking you away from the main site?

Of course, the vast majority of these deals are genuine and come from reliable sources but still remain vigilant. Make sure that any page you are being asked to put payment details in is verified as being a ‘secure’ method.

Finally, if you’ve indulged in some extensive Christmas shopping and perhaps the odd treat for yourself, just remember that the old-fashioned criminals still exist, and the festive season always brings with it an increase in home burglary, so treble check your home contents sum insured and make sure that it’s up to date with any really expensive items being disclosed individually to insurers.

If you have any further questions be sure to let us know on 0161 833 2100.

Don’t forget if you have made any business purchases and you need to update your policy to include portable equipment insurance you can get a quote for our business combined insurance here.

Until then, happy shopping and Happy Black Friday everyone!

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