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Cyber Threats… Everywhere

cyber threats everywhere

Cyber threat is everywhere. You can’t look back less than 7 days without seeing a high profile cyber-attack taking place. These are usually large multinational businesses but what about companies on the smaller end. Should they be worried? The answer is simply yes!

A recent study found that a severe cyber-attack on an SME in the UK could cost up to £300,000 and up to £3.1million for larger corporations. Fear not, you can protect yourself. The government have provided a 10 step guide to cyber security and we have outlined this below

User Education

Produce user security policies covering acceptable and secure use of the organisations Systems. Establish a staff training programme and keep  users up to date of cyber risks

Home and Mobile working

Develop a mobile working policy and train your teams to adhere to it. Apply the secure baseline build to all devices and protect data both in transit and at rest

Secure Configuration

Apply Security patches and ensure that the secure configuration of all IT systems is maintained. Create system inventors and define a baseline build for all devices

Removable Media Controls

Produce a policy to control all access to removable media. Limit media types and use. Scan all media malware before importing on to the corporation system.

Manage User Privileges

Establish account management processes and limit the number of privileged accounts. Limit user privileges and monitor user activity. Control access to activity audit logs.

Incident management

Establish an incident response and disaster recover capability. Produce and test incident management plans and provide specialist training to the incident management team. Report all criminal incidents to law enforcement.

Network security

Protect your networks against external and internal attack. Manage the network parameter and filter out unauthorised access and malicious contents. Monitor and test your security controls.

Malware Protection

Produce a relevant policy and establish anti-malware defences that are applicable and relevant to all business areas. Scan malware across the organisation.


Establish a monitoring strategy and produce supporting policies. Continually monitor all ICT systems and networks. Analyse logs for unusual activity that could indicate and attack.

Cyber Liability Insurance

A last step and VERY important. Cyber liability will help to keep the business running in the event of an attack.


As with all areas of business we can take all precautions and measures to prevent something happening but you can never be too careful. This is why Caunce O’Hara have seen where the risks are with cyber and can provide you with the protection not just for yourself and your business but also your clients whose data you may hold

Caunce O’Hara work with specialist insurers who have vast experience with cyber and are there ready to hold your hand through any struggles you may have.

Cyber Liability insurance doesn’t stop you from being attacked but it does help to put everything right for you and your clients.

For a quote for cyber liability cover call us on 0161 833 21000


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