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HSE welders

HSE fee for intervention update

The current charge under the HSE fee for intervention scheme for health and safety regulation breaches is £154 per hour so factoring in the inspector’s inspection and reporting time any breach identified can be costly to a business. The upside is the HSE is still an excellent resource for health and safety knowledge and is […]

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risk management caunce o'hara

How can risk management help businesses?

Risk is a key part of our lives. As human beings we have needed to take calculated risks in order to develop and evolve… and the same ethos applies to business development. In today’s modern world of fast-moving digital technology, risks evolve quickly meaning companies are required to keep up-to-speed to ensure their risks are […]

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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning and reducing your insurance premiums

By using a risk assessment strategy and setting up a steering committee to draw up emergency and recovery plans, the potentially catastrophic effects of a serious loss such as a large fire, can be mitigated. If the business is unable to trade for a prolonged period, the consequences can include; existing customers find alternative suppliers. […]

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Risk Management Services Guide

Risk Management and Surveying Services Guide

Caunce O’Hara’s in-house risk management and surveying services have helped hundreds of clients prevent thousands of pounds worth of potential losses through clear and quantifiable improvements to their fire, security and liability risks. This also helps to secure reduced premiums for insurance policies. You can read our Risk Management guide here.  

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Health and Safety Report

ISO 14001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

In business as in life, everything changes, and health and safety management systems are no different. Briefly, ISO is the body for internal standardisation, originally established in 1947 to set down requirements to help businesses effectively trade and give assurance to customers on products and services. The ISO 14001 family of standards provides practical tools […]

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Mill Fire Risk Management

Fire Risk Management. Mill Fires

The loss of mills due to fire, such as Ray Mill in Stalybridge, is not only a massive financial cost to insurers and owners and the many companies that rely on them for affordable business premises, but also are a blow to the region’s industrial heritage. In their heyday these buildings were the cornerstone of […]

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