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HSE welders

HSE fee for intervention update

The current charge under the HSE fee for intervention scheme for health and safety regulation breaches is £154 per hour so factoring in the inspector’s inspection and reporting time any breach identified can be costly to a business. The upside is the HSE is still an excellent resource for health and safety knowledge and is […]

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HSE enforcement on welders welfare

With the growing realisation that there are significant risks of lung and kidney cancer from mild steel welding fume to welders, the HSE workplace health expert committee has endorsed the reclassification of mild steel welding fume as a human carcinogen. There are concerns over neurological damage also. The consequences for this process are the introduction of better […]

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Health and Safety Report

ISO 14001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

In business as in life, everything changes, and health and safety management systems are no different. Briefly, ISO is the body for internal standardisation, originally established in 1947 to set down requirements to help businesses effectively trade and give assurance to customers on products and services. The ISO 14001 family of standards provides practical tools […]

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The Force is strong with the HSE

Health and safety legislation applies to film making of intergalactic adventures as much as to everyday working life following HSE decision last month to prosecute Foodles Production (UK) Ltd following the accident to actor Harrison Ford on 12 June 2014 during filming of the latest Star Wars film. Mr Ford suffered a broken leg and […]

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ergo monkey chairs

Safety and Healthy Working Too

Since 1974 and the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act there has been a continuing drive to promote safety at work and until relatively recently ‘health’ has been relegated to second place. The health risks are often perceived as being less tangible but the risks are still there. Health surveillance along with […]

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