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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning and reducing your insurance premiums

By using a risk assessment strategy and setting up a steering committee to draw up emergency and recovery plans, the potentially catastrophic effects of a serious loss such as a large fire, can be mitigated. If the business is unable to trade for a prolonged period, the consequences can include; existing customers find alternative suppliers. […]

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debt recovery demands people skills

Why Debt Recovery Demands Essential People Skills

Perhaps the most enduring myth surrounding commercial debt recovery is that it is the sole preserve of hard, unyielding types. This remains the case even where the blunt instrument is administrative rather than physical. While it is undeniable that debt recovery sometimes gets a bad press, it is also a crucial means for businesses to […]

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Women in business insurance

Protecting Key People In Your Business

Which employees are key to your business? It’s not uncommon for Small to Medium Enterprise’s (SMEs) to have an individual, or key individuals, without whom the business would struggle. Sometimes this can be the director of the business – they have all the key contacts and steer the company. However increasingly firms are safeguarding against […]

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