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Building your own startup

My name is Andrew Colman and I am a Welder/Fabricator. Back in 2011 I started working for a large engineering company called Main Road Sheet Metal Ltd.

Working my way up the ranks starting from the bottom each year my skill set improved, I was then moved across to the fabrication side of things manufacturing all kinds of work that was required. During my time at Main Road there was highs and lows but I knew where I wanted to be and if I was going to learn the skills I needed to learn I had to work my way up, After endless hours and many mistakes and yes there were times when I wondered if this was the career for me, but I stuck with is as with anything in life you have to too reach your goals.

In my last year I decided I needed more of a challenge and wanted to make more of myself as I believed I had more to offer. Whilst working full time I decided to rent a small unit in Bamber Bridge, Preston. When I first started I would work from 6am-5pm and most Saturdays at main road then after work I would go straight to my workshop and on occasions work till 2-3am the following morning. This was not easy, as you can imagine and I never actually knew if it was going to work or if I was just wasting my time.

It was a struggle to start with

Starting off was a struggle as literally all I had was a borrowed welder from my boss, as time went on I slowly bought my own van and tools and built the workshop up with everything I needed. I remember there being times in the early stages where I could literally nearly burst into tears as I struggled with starting from nothing, having to work endless hours just on the hope that it would take off, however I stuck with it and did everything I could with what I had.

As the business rapidly grew I started to get orders from big and reputable companies which was a relief and exciting. I then had to make the decision to stay at my secure job or try and make a go of it on my own which was a big risk as at the time, I was expecting a new born baby and had bills that had to be paid, not only that the company I worked for was a company I have a lot of respect for and didn’t really want to leave them. At the time I remember everyone surrounding me advising me that it was a big risk as I never knew if the work would continue,  I decided if I was going to make something of myself and be who I wanted to be there was no other option to give it a go!!

Growing nicely from nothing

Now 8 months on we have currently turned over approximately £80,000 from nothing, manufacturing catering equipment and wrought iron gates and railings with bespoke custom designs (electrical and manual) and are seeking a new premises. The reason I wanted to write this blog is to make people aware that you can achieve anything you set your mind to all you need is some imagination and drive. I believe if you truly want something you should give it your best and always try to be your best and not what other people expect of you.

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