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umbrella insurance

Your trusted partner in the changing umbrella services marketplace

Umbrella companies are facing unprecedented change that will shape the industry far into the future. Rigorous legislation has been introduced by the UK government with the purpose of creating a clearer, simpler and more compliant umbrella sector by driving out bad practice and ‘questionable’ tax avoidance schemes. The compliance shake-up is forcing some umbrella companies […]

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HSE welders

HSE fee for intervention update

The current charge under the HSE fee for intervention scheme for health and safety regulation breaches is £154 per hour so factoring in the inspector’s inspection and reporting time any breach identified can be costly to a business. The upside is the HSE is still an excellent resource for health and safety knowledge and is […]

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5G Cyber Security Challenge

5G and the cyber security challenge

On Thursday 30th of May 2019, 5G connectivity from EE went live here in Manchester. Manchester is among the first 6 major UK cities to have been chosen by the mobile network to benefit from the first phase of their 5G launch in 2019. The other cities to benefit from the initial 5G roll-out in […]

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technology plan for growth

Why You Should Have a Technology Plan for Growth

You’ve planned meticulously to secure your business’ future: marketing, finance, recruitment … but what about a technology strategy? The companies that are dominating their fields thanks to solid growth are the ones that invest in quality technology. It helps them: Communicate better internally Supercharge productivity Shorten their sales cycle Drive customer satisfaction Boost employee morale […]

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The accountancy industry and the challenges ahead

I’ve recently commented on Caunce O’Hara’s historic and current working relationships with the accountancy profession and it is clear that for all professions change is on the horizon in one form or another, principally in terms of advancing technology. Tolley, one the UK’s providers of critical tax information, in-depth reference, training and learning resources has […]

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