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Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

Is Batman driving around Uninsured?

High Net Worth insurance broker Caunce O’Hara takes a look at the details on the new Batmobile from the ‘Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice’ film released 25th March.

For starters, the car is a futuristic prototype made from combining military and civilian technologies, its enhanced performance means it could reach speeds in excess of 200mph, not to mention the stealth and military grade ammunition it is loaded with.

Difficult for an insurer to put a premium on

This type of vehicle would be extremely difficult for an Insurance Company to put a premium on; there would be no previous claims history on similar vehicles to go on, no evidence of whether or not the car was attractive to thieves, would the voice activated armour cause any inevitable Vehicle Tracking systems to be rendered ineffective?!

Of course like all of its predecessors, the new Batmobile only comes in black and according to reports online, the specification of the 20ft long and 12ft wide vehicle include:

  • Front mounted machine guns
  • Shaved down tractor tyres on the rear wheels
  • The ability to raise when performing jumps and lower when it is cruising
  • A bat-ray projector and emergency Bat Smoke
  • Batscope and remote Bat-Compute

The Tumbler from the earlier Dark Knight trilogy was often described as a cross between a Lamborghini and a tank and even had a Batpod motorbike hidden inside it. Earlier model Batmobiles have included additional extras including exploding hub caps and a jet turbine engine!

Helen Hall, Private Client Executive at Caunce O’Hara (and secretly in the Superman camp), said: “When buying insurance, it’s particularly useful for drivers to keep track of the issues which need to be raised with their insurer. In Batman’s case, he needs to make sure his insurance company are aware of both his day job of billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises, along with notifying them of any part time occupations (Crime fighting Superhero of Gotham City).”

“He would also need to disclose any previous claims and motoring convictions, as well as modifications made to the vehicle, in this case the Batmobile is a unique prototype. As with the previous piece written about James Bond’s insurance premium, having watched the Batman v Superman trailer and seen the huge amount of collateral damage caused, we think Batman would be lucky with an annual premium of less than £100,000.”

“In the past we have insured some very unusual types of vehicles used by our Clients as their everyday runarounds, a hearse and a London taxi to name but two! Whilst we pride ourselves at Caunce O’Hara in placing unusual and bespoke policies, we feel the Caped Crusader would certainly need the assistance of our specialist insurance broking services in placing cover for his car, and we’re not sure he would bring any No Claims Discount with him…….we do hope he has pursued such cover and is not driving around uninsured!”

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